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orchid cryptocurrency - the crypto powered VPN

Orchid Cryptocurrency - An Interesting Project to Follow

How do you use your Internet?Weird question? Perhaps. Many…
gold colored bitcoin on railroad

Bitcoin 2020-2025 Predictions, new project funded by Starbucks?

Making predictions about Bitcoin is not an easy task. Under any…
prices of Bitcoin today - illustration

How Much is Bitcoin Today in January 2020?

On January 17th, Bitcoin is worth over $8900. It has grown more…
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Crypto Markets - How it's going?

I didn't post much over the last couple months, mostly because…
Bitcoin and Altcoin Prices on April 03, 2019

Profitability of Bitcoin Mining is UP Another 20%

Great news for anyone trying to earn a buck mining Bitcoin and…
CudoMiner now available on Linux(Ubuntu 18.04)