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Bitcoin Mining Beginners Guide

So, you want to start mining Bitcoin, but not sure how to start? Or you watched Bitcoin mining tutorials and still aren’t sure about a few things? Don’t worry, I’ve prepared a nice Bitcoin Mining Beginners Guide for you, aiming for simplicity and ease of use.

Unlike some, I think the simple way is the best way to bring the Bitcoin mining to the masses. And I know that the average PC user doesn’t feel comfortable when I show him a console miner. And even though I could explain him how to use a console miner, I don’t want to- it’s 2019 and luckily we have a plenty of solid GUI, out of the box Bitcoin miners that are easy to install and manage.

Welcome to the easiest Bitcoin Mining Guide out there. It’s not shallow, meaning you will actually learn something, but it’s not advanced either- as it doesn’t need to be anymore!

I know you’re excited, so am I. Let’s not waste time anymore, here are the Bitcoin mining tutorials that you’ve been waiting for:

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  2. How to Setup a Bitcoin Mining Computer
  3. Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware
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  5. Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable