Bitcoin Mining Software

What is the best Bitcoin mining software?

Do you wonder what Bitcoin mining software is? It’s the software used to mine Bitcoins with your mining hardware.

Regardless of your mining equipment and operating systems, you need a software that will connect to a mining pool, allowing you to perform Bitcoin mining and get some Bitcoins mined to your Bitcoin wallet.

GUI, monitoring, performance features and various speed options, tools as well easy settings are available.

This is how Bitcoin mining software works for small miners in 2019.

It’s definitely a pooled mining targeted at miners with beginner equipment.

But it works equally good for big miners as well.

If you’re into Bitcoin mining and need a software/application for your hardware and operating systems- this website has done a review on a lot of mining software for Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies.

If you’re a fan of MultiMiner, this website isn’t the best source for your devices.

Same can be said for ASIC mining.

But if you’re a CPU miner or GPU miner– you’ve come to the right address.

BMS2019(this website) is a great source for mining software targeted at beginners.

Even if you don’t even have a wallet, or doesn’t know much about operating systems nor hardware- we have some great mining software for you.

The users of this website have reported that there’s no easier way for them than use graphical interfaces to quickly start mining.

What are Bitcoin miners?

Do you wonder what is Bitcoin miner?

It is a term to whether describe a person who is into Bitcoin mining, or a machine used to mine some Bitcoin.

Both terms make sense when used within the context, so don’t be confused if you see it used differently at different sources.

I personally use it for persons, as there is a more used term for mining machines- mining rigs or mining hardware.

So there you have it- Bitcoin miners are persons who start mining Bitcoin.

If you want to become one, read on and you will be able to quickly get started with Bitcoin mining.

Can I mine Bitcoin on my PC?

The short answer to this is yes. It’s 2019, and whether you use Windows, Linux or Mac, there’s Bitcoin mining software that you can use to run your Bitcoin miner.

Although strict Bitcoin mining requires lots of powerful hardware, there is an application for you to earn Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin mining software endorsed on this website, you can do pooled mining of many cryptocurrencies, and even CPU mining to get some cryptocurrency with your mining hardware.

Once you mine some of any cryptocurrency available for your bitcoin miner, you can exchange that to Bitcoin.

Even better, I endorse only Bitcoin mining software with a simple and intuitive interface that automatically pays you in Bitcoin.

Like that isn’t enough, the mining software I review can be installed within minutes.

How long does it take to mine 1 Bitcoin?

Is a question that many wonder.

And it doesn’t have much to do with software or application used for your Bitcoin miner and operating system.

Bitcoin mining software can help and make the process easier, but mining yields similar results on most software and mining pools.

Mining hardware on other hand is the most important factor of your miners speed.

The better, stronger and faster hardware you have, the easier will be for you to get 1 full Bitcoin inside your wallet.

Biggest miners do it daily, smallest miners can take years. For CPU miner, this takes centuries.

Users that play games are usually somewhere in between, since their fast GPUs are much better than CPUs when it comes to cryptocurrency mining.

Is Bitcoin mining legal?

Bitcoin mining is legal in 90%+ of countries worldwide.

Still, some countries from North Africa, Middle East and South America have indeed banned Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining.

There is a good chance that mining in your country is legal, but if unsure you can get some info on Wikipedia.

If your country is marked red, you can review some other countries and try over there.

The mining software from this source will work equally well everywhere.


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